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Tallinn University of Technology Robotics Club

TTU Robotics Club TTU Robotics Club was established by TTU students in May 5th 2006. It is meant to unite students interested in robotics. The club is a non-profit organisation that has 31 official members and a wide support group.

TTU Robotics Club unites totally about 40 active and 250 students interested in robotics in overall. The Club conducts a subject for basics of robotics, several courses for students, scolars and even instructors, participates in many robotics competitions, where it has brought several prizes, works on development projects and takes in tailor-made work, is involved in organising Robotex ( and Baltic Robot Sumo Cup ( and has connections on international level with other organisations involved in robotics.

TTU Robotics Club’s Goals

  • Unite students interested in robotics.
  • Systematic development and broadening of knowledge about robotics of the club’s members.
  • Development and popularization of the field of robotics.
  • Create a good learning environment for acquiring technical education.
  • Creating international connections and cooperation with other robotics clubs and organizations.
  • Involving the private sector of economy in education and research activities
  • Organize and participate in contests and other activities involving robotics.

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